FAQs About Submersible Water Pumps

submersible water pumps

Our company, Darling Pumps has an expertise of over 35 years, and we are proud to be called the Chief Architect of Submersible Pump Revolution in India. Our every new & innovative product line of submersible pumps has set a benchmark for other companies in the field to follow and has thus always kept one step ahead of the entire market. That being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we have an extensive knowledge of submersible pumps. Studying the market has shown us how much confusion and doubt lies amongst the people about certain pumps. One of such pumps are the submersible water pumps.

Therefore, with the help of this blog we have decided to take an initiative to attempt to clear as many frequent doubts that one holds in his mind about the submersible water pumps.

For starters, let us tell you that these pumps are designed to be underwater. This means that they are perfect for outdoor water projects. Regardless of it being a pond, a pool or a fountain, submersible pumps work just fine.

We always keep in mind the fact, that not everyone is going to have an impeccable amount and depth of knowledge when it comes to water pumps. However, at Darling Pumps , we are proud to be the experts on the subject.

Following are two of the very common questions that people often ask us about submersible water pumps. Have a look:

Question number 1-
How much of the submersible water pump is actually submerged in the water?
The answer is simpler than one would have expected. All of it. Yes, you read it right. When a submersible water pump is used, every part of it is submerged into the water. What people often forget is that the entire purpose of a submersible water pump is to be completely submerged in fluid. This also includes the motor that is fixed to the body of the pump itself.

Question number 2-
Can submersible water pumps be used in industrial and professional settings?
Yes, of course they can be. The submersible water pumps are used in varied settings, that include: firefighting, seawater, offshore oil drilling rigs, well-drilling, irrigation systems as well as sewage treatment plants.
There are many more of such common doubts that you can get cleared by moving onto our next blog; “FAQs About Submersible Water Pumps PART 2”. For information on our range of submersible pumps, call 9981992838.