Slurry Pumps

High specific gravity Coal Slurry being pumped by 25HP Darling Pump for NTPC in Southern India.
Heavy Duty 40HP Jacketed Slurry Pumps being deployed for Steel Plant in Southern India.
Darling Slurry Pump in action for pumping Highly Abrasive Slurry.
High Density Ash Slurry being Pumped by 40HP Darling Pumps for Power Plant in Central India.
Ready for Action - Darling Slurry Pump for pumping Silica/Sand Slurry in Eastern India.
Darling Cantilevered Slurry Pump in action for pumping Highly Abrasive Slurry.

Dewatering Pumps

One Stop Complete Dewatering Solution by Darling Pumps.
Heavy Duty Darling Dewatering Pumps for pumping Industrial Water.
Tunnel Water Dewatering at Metro Site in Mumbai.
High Head Mine Dewatering Pumps being deployed as import substitute for Mines in Central India.
72 numbers of Dewatering Pumps being deployed for NPCIL Project in Central India.
Simplifying Dewatering through Smart Pumping Solutions.

Non Clog and Waste Water Pumps

60Hz Dry Pit Pumps specially developed & supplied for Export Project.
Compact Solid Handling Pumps for Industrial Waste available in Jacketed as well as Non-jacketed Design.
Battery of Non-clog Pumps being deployed for Government Power Project in Western India.
Darling Non-clog Solid Handling Pumps a ideal solution for Sewer Cleaning Projects.
Darling Non-clog Pumps assisting the construction activity at one of the NTPCs in Southern India.
Complete range of 60Hz Pumps - both Submersible as well as Dry Pit Pumps supplied to Power Plant in Overseas Market.

Clear and Raw Water Pumps

200HP Submersible Turbine Pumps being deployed for intake Water Supply of a Private Power Plant in Central India.
Ash Water Recovery power by 200HP Darling make Raw Water Pump-sets.
Gentle Giant - Darling make 120HP Open-well Submersible Pump powering the Intake Water Supply for Power Plant in Eastern India.
Powering Intake Water Supply for NTPCs - Darling make 300HP Raw Water Pumps.

Stainless Steel Pumps

150HP & 40HP Pumps in Duplex SS deployed for pumping sea water with heavy duty sludge at one of the Landmark Infrastructure Project in Western India.
At Darling Pumps we provide One Stop Pumping Solutions for pumping all kind of Aggressive Liquids and Pumping Sea Water.
Darling make Waste Water Pumps being used in Pharmaceutical Industry for handling Aggressive Liquids.

Hot Water Pumps

Darling 10HP Dredger Pump running successfully in Steel Plant since last 2 years, handling Hot Iron Slurry with liquid temperature range up to 85 degree Celsius.
Fleet of Darling 15HP, 30HP & 50HP Pumps being deployed for pumping Hot Water at Thermal Power Plant in North East of India.
Specially designed 12.5HP Hot Water Pumps with special MOC for a Central Government Project in Northern India.