While in Quarantine, Get the Right Pre-Maintenance Tips For Your Pumps!

Submersible Dewatering Pumps India

When it comes to submersible dewatering pumps, they have one goal that is absolutely clear. It is simply to move water. This is the case whether it is to be moved to another location for the purpose of reusing or to simply go for removing the water from a low-lying area. All of us know that for the most part of it all, they need minimal maintenance.

So, in a time like this, where you cannot get your hands on tangible dewatering pump services due to COVID-19 lockdown, let us help you by giving you some tips on pre-maintenance that would go a long way for your pumping. There are some preventative maintenance practices that exist out there, which should be followed in order to keep them operating day in day out. This is to be done so that productivity keeps flowing, and doesn’t stop for anything.

Remember, few of the most important practices usually start, long before the submersible pumps hit the job site.

Have a look:

1. Selecting the right pump – one which sizes up!
Did you know that the most commonly used pumps for dewatering aggregate mines are the electric submersible pumps? This is because they are small as well as lightweight. When it comes to maintaining the pumps, selecting the right pump for the given application is definitely one of the biggest decisions you are going to have to make. When you use a pump which is not sized for the application, it might lead to multiple issues down the road. These issues include a broken shaft, thrown impeller or even a dislodged seal. Aggregate mines are usually where dewatering is critical to production. This means there will be costly downtime.

To avoid this, there are three things that you should be considering. They include the material being pumped, how far it needs to be pumped, as well as the elevation to which it has to be pumped. If your pump is moving aggregates as well instead of just water, then you’ll be needing a model which is rated for that application. It also needs to be equipped with impellers that are made of durable material, for example, Stainless Steel. The other materials, like polyurethane, are capable of handling water, however, the abrasive materials like aggregates are something that might cause them to wear out quickly.

So you should ensure that the pump you are using is conforming to the application for which it is meant to be.

2. Pay attention to the details
Once you’ve got the right size, check the pump for durable materials and robust design features that will withstand long run times as well as the harsh conditions of aggregate applications. Select pumps that come with more wear-resistant features, secured double mechanical seals design & also offering higher pumping efficiency.

3. Deploy proper protection device
Always use a reputed make control panel which compliments the features provided by the pump manufacturer. It is very important to remember that a clear preventative measure keeps the productivity flowing.

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