PART 1-Top Parameters that Affect the Lifespan of a Submersible Pump

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People out there often wonder, how long would their submersible pump last, after they make the investment in procuring it. As providers of different types of water pumps, we all know that water wells/sumps can come in different sizes. They even have various uses, so there are many types of submersible pumps one can find in the pump market. One should remember that there are several variables that affect the lasting of different kinds of submersible pumps. It is only after analyzing such factors, that one can determine how long the pump will last before they would need a new one.

Following is a list of these variables, that should be carefully analyzed & considered before selecting the right pump, which in turn can enhance its lifespan:


According to the top pump manufacturers in India, one of the factors that play a huge role in how long a pump will last is the water pump’s duty cycle. Basically, the duty cycle is how often the pump is running throughout the day. You will notice how some pumps are taken into use a few times in a single day, while other pumps are under heavy or continuous use. As compared to the pumps that are not used often, the pumps that are in use frequently can offer a shorter lifespan if due consideration is not given while selecting. It is also very crucial that the pump’s capacity is matching the output rate that has been safely recommended for the particular application.


Did you know that the sediment inside the water also plays a vital part in how long the water pump will last? The water sediment is something that acts as an abrasive. It wears down the bearings as well as the rotating parts that are present within your pump. Therefore, if the water which is to be pumped is filled with sediment, then you will have to think about replacing the pump sooner, as compared to the areas that have less sediment in the water. This again can be overcome by selecting appropriate metal for your pumps. 


Most importantly, if you want your pump to enjoy a long lifespan, then it is crucial that you decide to hire the right company that has enough knowledge & experience in the installation of the pump for the given application & working conditions. Remember, the pumps that are installed haphazardly always break down sooner, as compared to those that were installed properly in the first place.

We can tell you that there are many other important variables that affect the lifespan of submersible pumps. Read PART 2 of this blog, if you want to dive deeper into those factors!