Slurry Pump FAQs

Slurry Pumps are a heavy and robust version of a centrifugal pump, capable of handling tough and abrasive duties.The term Slurry Pump, as stated, covers various types of heavy duty centrifugal pumps used for hydraulic transportation of solids.

Slurry Pumps are used for a variety of applications such as highly abrasive slurries, mill scale, iron ore & pallet slurrie, Mineral Ore processing units, Ash & Coal Handling Plants, Granite & Marble Slurry, Jack well & intake well cleaning, Removal of sand deposition at dam galleries & penstock tunnels & many more similar applications.

Solid particles in the pumped medium generate friction, which leads to abrasion of the material. This is a frequently occurring problem in sewerage technology caused by sand in the pumped medium, which destroys pump components like impellers, casing etc,.

Your submersible pump may not be giving proper discharge owing to various reasons. Please check the manufacturers troubleshooting guide, consult a trained mechanic or a customer service representative. The troubleshooting guide is available in Manual provided with the pump.