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Slurry is a mixture of solids and liquid, generally water. The particles can be both abrasive & nonabrasive, although abrasive particles are very much common. The purpose to move slurry can be transporting as much solids particles as possible, hydraulically, along with the given liquid. There are many factors to be considered while selecting a slurry pump like; Particle size- Specific gravity of solids, Specific gravity of liquid, Concentration of slurry, Shape of particles etc. Slurry can be further classified in to two types – 1. Non – Settling Slurry & 2. Settling Slurry.

In case of slurry pumping, it is important to note that standard pump selection fundamentals might not stand true. Having set – rigid solutions for all type of slurries is just an eye wash. Slurry pumping solutions needs to be customized & that’s where Darling Pumps can make a difference. Contact us with your slurry pumping challenges & we will make it sure that you have unique solution for each of your slurry pumping challenge.


Darling Pumps has one of the complete range of Submersible Slurry handling pumps, from regular slurry handling pumps, to jacketed design submersible slurry pumps to Cantilever slurry handling pumps. The uniqueness of these submersible slurry pumps is that they can be customized in many ways to suit specific requirements of our clients & can be offered for hot temperature slurries as well. Darling Cantilever pumps are available in direct drive or belt drive options. These submersible slurry pumps are very much ideal for pumping highly abrasive slurries with specific gravity upto 2.8 & temperature upto 90ºC.




  • Mill Scales Pits / Blast Furnace/ Coke Plant Scale Pit.
  • Waste Sludge Handling.
  • Coal Wash down Sumps.
  • Clean Up of Sumps & Waste Treatment Plants.
  • Fly Ash Collection Sumps.


  • Open Cast Mines.
  • Coal Mines.
  • Iron / Manganese Ore Mines.
  • Marble & Granite Manufacturing Units.


  • Jack Well / In take Well Cleaning.
  • Removal of Silt Built Up from Marinas, Harbors, Dock Loading.
  • Reclaiming of Beaches.
  • River / Lake / Canals Clean outs.
  • Waste Collection Ponds.

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Darling Clear Water Range Of Pumps Consists Of SH Series, S & M Series & L Series Pumps. They Are Ideal For Housing & Commercial Complex, Agricultural Farming, Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation, River Water Pumping, Village & Municipal Water Supplies, Fountains & Waterfalls, Domestic & Gardening, Industrial & Hospital Applications, A.C. Plants, Cooling Towers, Mass Water Transfer & Many More Applications.

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